Overdraft Services

Overdraft ProtectionOOPS! Occasional Overdraft Privilege Service

Overdraft Protection Transfers from Checking and Savings

Avoid the cost and embarrassment of a returned check due to a mistake in your checkbook or other oversight by simply using another account to cover the shortage. You can use another Checking account, Statement Savings account, or Centennial Savings account to provide the necessary funds. There is NO minimum to transfer and only the exact amount needed is transferred. Instead of a hefty Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee, Overdraft Protection only charges $6 per transfer!

OOPS! Occasional Overdraft Privilege Service

Consider…have you ever…

  • Made a mistake in your checkbook?
  • Forgotten to record a deposit? A purchase? A withdrawal?
  • Had to guess what transactions a joint owner has made?
  • Had the embarrassment and expense of a returned check or your card denied at checkout?

Rather than automatically returning all insufficient funds items that you may have, we will consider, without obligation on our part, payment of your reasonable overdrafts up to your assigned OOPS! limit. You do not have to apply for this service and you do not need to sign any additional documents for the service. It is already a part of your Checking Account Agreement with us. With some exceptions, most of our checking account types, and individual accounts are eligible for this service. If you do not use the OOPS! program it doesn’t cost you anything. “Use” means you initiate insufficient funds transactions. If you do use the OOPS! program you will be charged customary fees.


Contact a banking center nearest you for more information.